Magnifying Mirror, by Abby

Photo by Nadine Wuchenauer on

You have to fight to hear God’s voice and seek the journey He wants to take you on. So many things fight and compete for our attention. If you’re not fighting back, you won’t have much of a choice in the life you live. For example, I must have self-discipline to pick up a book instead of scrolling though Facebook for an hour– a battle I don’t always win.

I don’t believe we understand the intensity or importance of the battle we are fighting. Spirit and flesh. We all fall short. To be real, sometimes I shock myself with my shortcomings . Being married is like looking in one of those magnified mirrors with a bright light. You know what I’m talking about. You look fine and good in a normal mirror but when you see your reflection in a x2 mirror, it is surprising, scary and  humbling all at the same time. So what do you do with that? I don’t know about you but I avoid those mirrors. I think that we have the tendency to do the same thing in our lives. When we get a magnified look at who we really are, it’s scary and surprising. We go back to looking in a regular mirror and tell ourselves that what we can see on the surface is just fine.

I use this metaphor because it is relevant to my life. Marriage has been the magnifying glass that has shown me all of the blemishes I didn’t know I had and it has shown me just how much I need God—how much I need His wisdom and guidance so that I don’t complacently live a life built on a bed of half-baked truths.

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