It’s not all Trump’s fault. Stop it.

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It’s not all Nancy Pelosi’s fault either, for the record.

We’re all to blame for this toxic political environment. When we create false dichotomies between liberal and conservative, live and die for our party of choice, and hatefully skewer the other side and treat them as sub-human–we’ve failed.

Case in point: the news is barely hours old that Trump has controversially sent a drone strike and killed Qasem Soleimani. And Democratic presidential candidates immediately come out in droves to attack the move. Have they taken time to consider the ramifications of their actions, much less Trump’s? No, they are following a political agenda and trying to be the first one to take a “hard line” against the reckless president. And don’t get me wrong–he is reckless (see: Twitter, and every campaign speech he’s given since 2015).

But that’s not really the point, is it? The American electoral system came out with Trump on top in 2016. Easily. Sure, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but that’s not the point either. People are in favor of dismantling the electoral college only, seemingly, after the results of each election. Because they don’t like the result. And loud people are not even convinced that Trump was elected because of some sham in the political system. They’re convinced that he won because American citizens less intelligent and more archaically minded voted for him. They won’t stoop to the level of these lesser American citizens; such shoe-wearing would be degrading to their higher sensibilities.

The truly ironic thing about the impeachment proceedings is that those who voted for Trump in 2016 will now double down and vote for him again. Hateful, childish vitriol from the Left have convinced them beyond the shadow of a doubt, if they weren’t convinced already.

If Democratic leaders had 1) rallied around common human decency and 2) shown themselves to be calm and rationale, following the 2016 election, Trump very well could have been ousted in 2020. It won’t happen now, because the Left has since been competing with the Right over who can be more blinded by their biases.


This Canadian businessman tragically lost his wife and son when Iran shot down a commercial airliner last week. He lashed out at Trump over it, which is understandable considering his grief and shock.

What is not understandable is that others, much less involved with the incident, are on board with the sentiment that the Ukrainian airliner being shot down is directly the President’s fault. Think about that logic: a commander of a force known for “extraterritorial military and clandestine operations” is killed by the US President. The nation where that commander was from retaliates by striking against US bases in the area. No counter-retaliation ensues, but that nation is on-edge and mistakenly(?) shoots down a commercial airliner, full of civilians. That last action, regardless of the ineptitude of the actual actor, is somehow the direct fault of the President.

I don’t care who the president at the time is; that logic does not follow. Imagine if the United States shot down a North Korean commercial airliner. No matter what action North Korea committed leading up to the incident, the onus would not be on Kim Jong-un to explain himself for the airliner going down.


Believe me, I do not want Trump in the Oval Office. I would vote for any other stable, level-headed candidate, from either party, if they had a chance (I do not wish to throw my vote away on a write-in for Cory Booker, for instance). This option is not available in the upcoming election any more than it was in the last.

So, we’re doomed to four more years of Trump and his counter-agitators showing us who we really are, to what depths we’re willing to sink. Forget reason, forget morality, forget conviction–it’s 2020, baby!

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