One Year of Marriage – Reflecting & Looking Ahead

Year one in the books.

We moved 1680 miles east, then 1680 back west. Our time on the East Coast was short, but the lessons we learned and memories we took with us were well worth it. We learned how to navigate a (kind of) large city using a metro system, (kind of) learned how to parallel park, and can (kind of) now say that we spent a year in DC. Some of these details are fuzzy, after a whirlwind 12 months.

We started off the year as newlyweds and new graduates, starting our careers in a new city. It seemed like nothing wasn’t new.

Some themes seemed to repeat through the year: community is important, hold everything with an open hand, and “we’ll figure it out.”

We were blessed with an incredibly welcoming community in Washington DC through National Community Church. Looking back, we are so thankful for the people who made our transition easier. Some helped us move, others invited us to coffee simply to check in, and countless more provided us with a community that made DC feel a lot more like home.


Ultimately, Jonah was offered a Program Director position back in our hometown of Loveland, CO with Lago Vista, a ministry he has previously been involved with.

Our original plan was to stay in DC for at least a few years. But as previously mentioned, we had been learning to hold everything with an open hand, to and accept that our plans are not always the best. After prayer and consideration, we felt the next best move was to return back to Loveland as part of the Lago Vista community.

We are now settled back into familiar territory and are enjoying the benefits of a place we’ve both missed since we left for school some five years ago. We are privileged to see both of our families regularly and will be able to raise our newborn child amidst that support network.


Surprise! This one-year reflection is also a pregnancy announcement, and we’ll be adding one more to our (still somewhat) new family in September. There are more details to come, but for now we are very grateful and excited for Kunisch no. 3’s arrival.

Here’s to many more years ahead.

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