Pride Came before the Fall, in 2016 and in 2020.

We aren’t surprised anymore at the back-and-forth nature of American politics. In fact, the pendulum swings in large part because of the Founders’ intention.
Amid the Enlightenment, the US founding fathers saw great depravity in man, and built a system that was (hopefully) able to account for the fickle nature and swollen egos of individual men who might otherwise overthrow a political system.
In 2016, it was considered a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would take the presidency. In 2020, Trump himself was tooting his horn the loudest for a sure victory. Unless there is a modern miracle and multiple judges agree on Trump’s virtually baseless acussations about voter fraud, Joe Biden has taken the 2020 presidential election.
Assumption, “playing politics” – call it what you will, but Clinton’s camp claiming an early and foregone victory in 2016 may have been a large contributor to her downfall, as I mentioned in this article from that year:

As for Trump and (some of) his camp in 2020, they have refused to believe that a fair democratic election can declare them losers. But it most certainly can, and has. Trump himself has displayed the most gratuitous form of self-praise in the last four years. He is possibly the most prideful public figure we have seen up to this point in American history. He simply could not do wrong in his own eyes.
Truth is truth. No matter one’s political party, and somewhat reliant on the political spectrum swinging, pride does come before a fall. Trump has now faced his fall by being rejected a second term.
Here’s to hoping that the United States can move on better for it.

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