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Modern Belief: science & religion in the quest for Truth

"Belief is difficult these days. It’s much easier to be a skeptic, about everything, than to say anything with certainty. Why is that? Do we have less faith than previous generations, less trust, less willingness to fall in line? Possibly. But surely it’s deeper than that..."

Smoke Still Rises

When the air is frozen in time, the birds must move to stay alive, smoke still rises. When sounds travel a little and die, muted by their universal grave, smoke still rises. Mountainous walls send back their rejoinder, of peace, of hard-scrabble-life, fire sustains and heat endures-- Indeed, smoke still rises.

JOKER, Reviewed [spoilers avoided]

Photo by fotografierende on Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is not Heath Ledger's Joker. The comparison falls short for a couple of reasons. First, Phoenix's Joker, or Arthur Fleck, is set in the late-70s, early 80s. It is true to its narrative as a prequel, and character roots study, of the later Ledger-style Joker. Jared Leto's … Continue reading JOKER, Reviewed [spoilers avoided]