“The value of doubt is to keep you open to God’s revelations. If you don’t doubt, you don’t change. If you don’t ask questions, you stay stuck wherever you were. If you have to have finite answers to infinite questions, you’re not going to move.”

-Madeleine L’Engle


Not “new”, but worth sharing! The more we consider the opinions of those who disagree with us, the stronger we all become.

While I don’t think that Sam Harris is particularly helpful in the realm of religion (he totally denies it’s utility and possible meaning), he does analyze cultural data well. In this episode of his podcast, he speaks with advocates of the Bard Prison Initiative, a program educating inmates as a form of true, radical rehabilitation. Along with reading Rethinking Incarceration (see Recent Influences) and seeing the film 13th, this is continuing to shape my understanding of the U.S. prison system and its desperate need for reform.

“Do I believe? Believe I do
On my faith walk, took the cynic, I mean the scenic route
Get lost, I be aloof, Adidas on, still need the boost
What was the Eden fruit? I’ll ask Him when I see Him
Daily bread, that’s per diem, but I’m fastin’ like a BM
Ridin’ past ya in the P.M.
in a stolen car, that’s fleein’ from the scene of a crime
Apollo Creed, in his prime
Rocky verses, I’m a person that’s tryna believe I’m worth it
I’m workin’ through it, but work is, well, work, but well worth it
It’s hella churches still hell is workin’ fine
What’s that tell us? Fellas hurtin’, it’s like melanin a crime
That’s the elephant we hide
Truthfully, we probably lied
Rather have a tribe then unity, so you and me divide
I’m hellish and divine
I’m trellis and the vine
I’m tellin’ me, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m, I know better'”